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Carhart Mill

The life at Carhart Mill is informed by the wish to act constructively to the forces that have produced climate change, and to countermand those developments that have corrupted the food chain.

We produce our own energy from the wind and the sun (solar thermal and photovoltaics), and heat from biomass (logs and wood pellet).

We produce our own vegetables, fruit and meat by traditional means.

We raise traditional and rare breed stock with the highest welfare standards of space, freedom, good housing, high quality coastal pasture and varied diets.

These practices allow happy lives and avoid the distortion of growth rates in most modern stock which means that the meat now generally eaten bears only passing resemblance to that eaten throughout history.

We are thus supporters of the slow food movement and the transition movement and the local campaign for a sustainable future.

Orders and Contact Details

If you would like to place an order, visit the stock, or enquire about future orders ring 0(044)-1208-816818, or email stephen at 

Stephen Frankel
Carhart Mill
PL27 7HZ

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