Next General Meeting - 16th December. 

The Chamber meets four times a year in February, May, September and December, 5.45pm upstairs at the Churchill Bars, Molesworth St, Wadebridge.

At the 2014 AGM we changed our structure so that a board meets monthly, with general meetings changed to four times a year.

You don’t have to be a member to attend, so please come and see how the Chamber works and what it can do for you.

  • Wed 15th October - Board Meeting
  • Wed 19th November - Board Meeting
  • Dec TBC - General Meeting
  • Wed 21st January - Board Meeting
  • Wed 18th Feb/AGM - General Meeting
  • Wed 18th March - Board Meeting
  • Wed 15th April - Board Meeting
  • Wed 20th May - General Meeting
  • Wed 17th Jun - Board Meeting
  • Wed 15th Jul - Board Meeting
  • Wed 19th Aug - Board Meeting
  • Wed 16th Sept - General Meeting

Breakfast Business Meetings

Next Event: See below, 8am

  • Tues Nov 4th -Sproull 
  • Tues Jan 6th Chamber
  • Tues March 3rd Sproull 
  • Tues May 5th Chamber
  • Tues Jul 7th Sproull
  • Tues Sep 1st Chamber

We run bi-monthly breakfast meetings in conjunction with Sproull Solicitors, hosted at their premises in Molesworth St, Wadebridge.

Each meeting is focused around an invited guest talking for 15 minutes on a business matter.

Our first was given by Daniel Sproull on March 4th 2014, who urged leaseholders to be careful when renewing the leases on their properties.

On May 6th, Visit Cornwall boss Malcolm Bell outlined the massive tourist potential we have in North Cornwall, and hinted at ways in which Wadebridge could position itself to increase the tourist spend in town.

All events start at 8am, with 15 minutes of informal networking, 15 minutes of guest time, 15-30 minutes of questions and more networking, and then everyone disperses to make some money!

As the space is restricted, please make contact in the first instance with chamber chair Adrian Jones via his email 

Board Meetings

Following a change to our constitution at our 2014 AGM, a board of around 12 people will now meet monthly to manage the affairs and goals of the chamber.

Our first board will be on Wednesday 18th June, upstairs at the Churchill Bars, Molesworth St.

Current board members are:

  • Richard Alexander
  • Nicola Brooks
  • Stephen Frankel
  • Adrian Jones (chair)
  • Stephen Knightley
  • Philip Mutton
  • Tom New
  • Claire O’Connor
  • Vivian Swift
  • Dominic Walford
  • Rupert Wilson

We will be updating this website with our progress, and will let all members know about our 2014-2016 priorities.

Wadebridge Old Bridge

Past AGM Minutes


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